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Companies worldwide are paying millions of dollars for opinions on health, film and other products and services from people like you. A cash reward will be inserted into your OnlyCashSurveys account for each survey that you complete. When you earn $ 50 dollars you can redeem it for cash. cigaControversial of smoke. differential premiums based on health habits is prohibited by Australian insurance regulations. Photo: Mike Keating. Emilio source: two provided in three Australians want to smokers and others with unhealthy habits to pay more for health insurance as the proportion of insured population begins to fall. And politicians were voted failures when it comes to maintaining affordable health insurance in a poll of 60. 000 Australian families of consumer club a great switch. The investigation found seven in ten households believe that none of the main political parties is committed to making your affordable health insurance. Almost half of consumers believe that the Government's sale of Medibank Private Abbott had forced Health Fund premiums up. And, controversially, two-thirds of smokers and those with unhealthy lifestyles to pay more for health insurance. Bad habit. Some believe that smokers should pay more for health insurance. Source: AFP differential premiums based on health habits is prohibited under Australian insurance rules so that no patients are priced out of health coverage. It is time that we had a frank national discussion about whether we have the right policy settings to keep coverage affordable for the average family, Director of a large switch campaign Joel Gibson said. If thousands cancel their coverage because they can't afford it, the biggest loser will be the public health system and therefore the taxpayer. The great campaign health insurance switch is using the combined buying power of 67. 000 families to negotiate the cheapest discounted health coverage. Increase in bills. If thousands cancel their insurance coverage because they can't afford it, the biggest loser will be the public health system, says a major campaign director Joel Gibson source: Getty Images the campaign also has collected over 42. 000 signatures on a petition for more affordable health insurance that will be presented to the Government or Minister Thursday. The investigation comes after the latest official health data are the proportion of the population covered by health insurance decreased for the first time in ten years last year. While over 28. 000 more people took out medical coverage in the three months to December 2014 the proportion of the population with hospital cover slipped 0. 1 percent to 47. 2 percent. Mounting costs. the proportion of the population covered by health insurance decreased for the first time in ten years last year. Source: ThinkStock premium Health Minister Damian Ley last month approved Fund health rises averaging 6. 18 percent, or three times the rate of inflation. The increase granted to the newly privatized Medibank was 6. 59 percent, well above the national average. Many Australians are facing higher insurance bills greatly after work he moved to rein in spiraling costs of $ 5. 6 billion Government rebate for private health insurance. A check on Government health insurance rebate reduced or removed the discount from families earning over $ 180. 000 and individuals earning over $ 90. 000. spiral of costs. Luciano Ley Health Minister approved an increase in premiums of Health Fund. Source: News Corp. Australia who joined a health fund after 30 years cannot claim a discount on the premium pay penalty for entering later in life. The 30 get paid for surveys melbourne percent discount is no longer increases in line with the health premium increases Fund but inflation rate and now worth about only 27 per cent of the prize. Abbott's Government promised during the elections of 2013 to reverse these changes that push up the price of health coverage but after 18 months in Office has failed to do so. In fact intergenerational report released earlier this month revealed that was counting the savings from the lower index of the discount for the next 40 years. The report said it was projecting the costs of private health insurance on the basis that, from 1° April 2014 onwards, private health insurance rebates are indexed annually by the lower of the consumer price index (CPI) or the actual increase in premiums charged by insurers,.